I am a professional writer, author and speaker who specializes in girl empowerment issues. I decided a long time ago that I could either…

A. Allow the stress of raising a preteen/teenage girl send me screaming into the nearest corner to curl up into a rocking, mumbling little ball for the next 10 years.


B. Get a grip, woman-up and try to find creative ways to deal with the trails of raising a daughter in a society that is quick to tell her that her true power lies in her looks and how much she can impress the boys.

One tactic: write a book!

Another tactic: blog about it with other smart Mamas in the same boat. The more we share, the more we become Informed Mamas. And face it… you can’t pull anything over on an Informed Mama.

Hence the creation of Reign of the Girl-Child. This is our space. Here we can explore, discuss, debate and devour all things girl-child related. From health, pop culture, sexuality, and peer pressure to current events, cool movements, and amazing girl-friendly products, if it impacts our girls (for better or for worse) we’ll be talking about it.

A note to marketers: If you have a unique product, an empowering program, or a special area of expertise that can benefit girls, then the readers of Reign want to hear about it! Drop me a line and let’ s chat about getting the word out.