Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As I've said before: every Mama needs a break, but sometimes the need for escape entails more than just sneaking off to the beach. This summer has been a strange one for me. It's actually the first summer in about 20 years that I've been, well... work-free.

Taking the summer off for a little R&R is one thing. Taking the summer off because your company is closing and your job has been eliminated is completely another. Instead of planning trips, barbecues and beach outings, I spent the summer sending out resume after resume, hustling for freelance work, and trying to figure out how to make my piddly New York State unemployment dough stretch as far as possible . Yes, it's a whole new world for me.

But as they say, "when one door closes, another opens." I've been able to spend more time than ever with my kids, and yeah...they drove me crazy, but really that's what's it all about. The extra time has also given me a chance to focus on my writing, reconnect with some old friends, do a LOT of reading, and actually put the plan for my next book into motion.

And it's kinda nice not being pulled in so many different directions for once. Concentrating on one project at a time --rather than several work projects, my own personal work, plus family biz -- has actually taken some getting used to, but now I can truly see the beauty in not being so busy all the time. Multi-tasking is seriously over-rated.

On that note, it's time for Mommy B (that would be me) to take a little blogcation. Reign will hit it's two year mark in October, and can use a break. During my hiatus I'll be challenging myself with new personal projects, exciting work opportunities and of course writing, writing, writing. Refresh, refocus, renew... it's all about moving to the next stage. I'm excited!

And even if I'm not blogging in my own space for a little bit, I'm still a bloggirl at heart. I'll be blurking, commenting and guest posting on my favorite blogs every chance I get. So I'll be seeing you around, Mamas!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September is the best month ever!

One more week and this will be me...

I don't care, they've got to go.
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