Thursday, June 19, 2008

Knocked-Up High, USA

Check this out, Mamas.

Now please... pick your jaws up off the floor and get yourselves together. Surely this is not a shocker. Not after the uproar last October when some high schools started administering contraceptives without parental consent. Many-a-Mama was madder than a sacked cat about that one... How dare the school administer birth control to my kid without my permission! Huff, huff, grrrr!!!

Understandable, really...sort of. But at this point, with the teen birth rate up, condom use down, and the disturbing news on STD rates for teen girls; handing out a few packs of pills almost seems like throwing a cup of water on a forest fire.

Our kids need guidance in a BIG way, and not just about being sexually responsible. The teens in Massachusetts are becoming pregnant on purpose. This is a whole new ballgame. It goes WAY beyond the standard sex ed. lesson. These girls are looking for love and acceptance and don't see anything wrong with bringing a new life into the world to get it.

How do you even begin to address that?


Karen Rayne, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for sending me this link! I wrote a post about it this morning, and tried to grapple with your final question. You can read it here:

Mommy B said...

Thanks so much Karen! I will definitely be popping over to the Adolescent Sexuality blog to check it out.

Dr. Rayne's blog is one to add to your feed readers, Mamas. She's a wealth of information and has a dead-on insight into what's happening in the realm of teenage/tweenage sexual development.

Surf on over and lurk away, or jump into the conversation.

Shaping Youth said...

Will check it out for certain. Also want to tell your readers about a SexTech post I wrote (and conference I attended) where KIDS took control of the media to 'teach sex ed' vs. the ostrich-style and/or school system approach...

Here's my article on Shaping Youth with links to ISIS (internet sexuality information services)

And yes, the ending line you've written here is 'the essence' that is hard to wrap our brains around but so very key to the 13 going on 30 KGOY phenom.

Great post here Felicia, thanks.

Mommy B said...

Thanks so much for this Amy! These videos are incredible. Giving kids the power to speak up about sex ed is brilliant! Adults can go back and forth all day about what kids need, but hearing it right from the mouths of babes is so powerful!

Check it out, Mamas...these are too good to miss.
Kids have a lot of smart, insightful input to add to this struggle for real sex ed.

Shaping Youth said...

One more for you...
Courtney just wrote a poignant post on her blog, RespectRx about the 'teen pregnancy pact' and the downwards spiral of hitting rock bottom in search of 'unconditional love.' said...

I read this story in another article. The thing that struck me was only half of the girls that were expecting in that school were apart of this pact so what about the other half 7-9 girls just getting pregnant by means of unsafe sex- Sad!

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