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News & Events

March 2008 -- Radio interview on "And the Women Gather" radio show with Lorna Owens.

February 2008
-- Blog post "Sweet Sassy & Sure to be a Craze" syndicated in The Chicago Sun Times

March 2008-- Blog post "The Secret is Out...Victoria's That Is" syndicated in Reuters.

April 2008 -- Feel Good, Girl! book launch celebration in NYC!

August 2008-- Felicia chats with The Record.

September 2008 -- Dream Journal Workshop at Bryant Library in Roslyn, NY!

October 2008 -- Felicia answers "One Simple Question" on!

October 2008-- Blog Post "Disney Week Part III - Behind the Magic" syndicated on Reuters.

October 2008-- Felicia presents a "Molded by the Media" workshop for the Long Island Counselor's Annual Conference (LICAC).

November 2008 -- Reign of the Girl-Child makes Shaping Youth's "Seven Sensational Blogs about Girls" list!

January 2009 -- Radio interview on "The Talking Book Show" with Linda Pate

March 2009 -- Save 15% when you use the REIGN access code at Good for You Girls!

May 2009 -- Interview with Tanisha Wilson of Petite Priss

The Reign Philosophy

I am a professional writer, author and speaker who specializes in girl empowerment issues. I decided a long time ago that I could either...

A. Allow the stress of raising a preteen/teenage girl send me screaming into the nearest corner to curl up into a rocking, mumbling little ball for the next 10 years.


B. Get a grip, woman-up and try to find creative ways to deal with the trails of raising a daughter in a society that is quick to tell her that her true power lies in her looks and how much she can impress the boys.

One tactic: write a book!

Another tactic: blog about it with other smart Mamas in the same boat. The more we share, the more we become Informed Mamas. And face it... you can't pull anything over on an Informed Mama.

Hence the creation of Reign of the Girl-Child. This is our space. Here we can explore, discuss, debate and devour all things girl-child related.
From health, pop culture, sexuality, and peer pressure to current events, cool movements, and amazing girl-friendly products, if it impacts our girls (for better or for worse) we'll be talking about it.

A note to marketers: If you have a unique product, an empowering program, or a special area of expertise that can benefit girls, then the readers of Reign want to hear about it! Drop me a line and let' s chat about getting the word out.

felicia [at] myfeelgoodgirl [dot]com

Reign Exclusives!

This is the stuff I live for! Interviews, great products, good advice and lots of other very necessary stuff for the Informed Mama striving to raise a smart, empowered girl-child.


Exclusive Reign Interviews!

Girls Can't WHAT?!
A chat with Gretchen Cawthon -- Part 1

Girls Can't WHAT?!
A chat with Gretchen Cawthon -- Part 2

Menstruation Celebration!
A chat with Marianne Impal, creator of the Celebration Box

Talking sex with your Kids:

A chat with Dr. Karen Rayne - Part 1

Talking sex with your Kids
A chat wtih Dr. Karen Rayne - Part 2

What's your girl putting on her face?
A chat with Good for You Girls - Part 1

What's your girl putting on her face?
A chat with Good for You Girls - Part 2

Girl Ambition is here!
Let's chat with the CEO.

Feel Good Girl, Real-Deal Workshops!

Inspired by the book Feel Good, Girl!, Real-Deal Workshops are fun-filled, interactive learning sessions that will encourage preteen girls to open their minds, expand their horizons, and explore what’s inside!

Developed especially for girls, ages 8 to 13, Real-Deal Workshops create a fun and relaxed environment where the girls participate in a variety of hands-on activities and down-to-earth discussions that will offer them tools to think beyond the crowd, overcome fear, and look within themselves for courage and confidence.

Workshop leaders, Felicia Richardson-Battle and Maria Ackies are the author and illustrator of Feel Good, Girl!, and passionate advocates for helping girls grow up confident and secure, despite the limiting messages that are rampant in today's culture.

With more than 20-years experience as advertising professionals, these two hard-working mothers have combined their creative expertise to develop a series of exciting interactive workshops that are guaranteed to get girls thinking about the world around them in a whole new way!

If you're interested in learning more about Real-Deal Workshops or booking an event for the girls in your life, shoot an email to:

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