Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who Wears Short Shorts? Your little girl, apparently!

My original intention, as the dutiful blogger I try to be, was to come onto Girl-Child today to post my musings on the whole Halloween costume industry. You costumes have changed from imaginative, fun-filled projects into elaborate $30 jobs that will have your 9-year old looking like a pop-diva, cool princess, pretty-witch or something else that is borderline pink-frilly-innocence, borderline streetwalker. I'll save that post for next time

Something else caught my attention and stopped me dead in my typing tracks:

Hair removal for pre-teens.

What the hell?

Yeah, it clearly says that this is a product for teens. But the soft, big-sisterish "You're growing's all good." language is clearly directed at a younger girl. She's budding and blossoming. She's changing in so manys ways. And now... on top of starting her period, juggling homework and classes, dealing with parents, and trying to maneuver her way through all of the clique-y bullsh*t at school... NOW she's going to have a complex about the gorilla hair that's suddenly appearing on her legs and crotch.

And how thoughful of the good folks at Nair to have supplied special FAQs and a "Mom's Corner" to convince mothers that this is something that our 11-year olds really REALLY need.

And the little sitelet -- though beautifully designed and, lets face it, well thought-out and probably very effective in convincing thousands of youngsters of the importance early hair removal--is a bit insulting. Roughly translated, it basically says "Hey, what's up with that yak hair under your arms? Gross! Go tell your mom to get you this stuff. You'll be so much better!"

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not liking this new product. I think Nair is pushing it a bit.

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