Saturday, January 20, 2007

News & Events

March 2008 -- Radio interview on "And the Women Gather" radio show with Lorna Owens.

February 2008
-- Blog post "Sweet Sassy & Sure to be a Craze" syndicated in The Chicago Sun Times

March 2008-- Blog post "The Secret is Out...Victoria's That Is" syndicated in Reuters.

April 2008 -- Feel Good, Girl! book launch celebration in NYC!

August 2008-- Felicia chats with The Record.

September 2008 -- Dream Journal Workshop at Bryant Library in Roslyn, NY!

October 2008 -- Felicia answers "One Simple Question" on!

October 2008-- Blog Post "Disney Week Part III - Behind the Magic" syndicated on Reuters.

October 2008-- Felicia presents a "Molded by the Media" workshop for the Long Island Counselor's Annual Conference (LICAC).

November 2008 -- Reign of the Girl-Child makes Shaping Youth's "Seven Sensational Blogs about Girls" list!

January 2009 -- Radio interview on "The Talking Book Show" with Linda Pate

March 2009 -- Save 15% when you use the REIGN access code at Good for You Girls!

May 2009 -- Interview with Tanisha Wilson of Petite Priss

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